Tomorrow is envisioned as a space where we curate an original and insightful reading of contemporary India: an ongoing research project, where we study the future as it shapes.

Tomorrow is a cultural collaboration initiated by Religious Brands to further our understanding of contemporary Indian discourses by engaging with a multitude of voices, and accumulate the insights that have emerged during our work of mapping and gauging contemporary culture in India. It is an open source that does not have any hidden agendas, other than a new rendering of contemporary India. It is freeform, amoebic in shape, accessible to anyone with engaging interest: be it an avid reader, or a student of cultural anthropology. We’re looking to articulate - without opinionating – that which goes unexplained. We’re looking to provoke and stoke ideas.

As the name suggests, this space is inspired by a deep interest in emergent 
culture; it is more about the tomorrow, than the today. It is more about asking the important questions, rather than finding the perfect answers. We seek to open out, more than we seek to sum up.

Tomorrow is a story-in- becoming. Every month, we add a small mosaic of our ideas and findings here, and watch its narrative build and turn. We’re happy to be a part of it - along with you.