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Last month, we launched our new section 'Voices', in which we looked back at some great conversations - with thinkers, activists, doers, experts in various disciplines - that our independent studies have given us over the years. 

This month, we continue the curation of these conversations, exploring ideas that deeply influence our modern lives: Voices 2.0 presents a selection of 
10 interviews, 10 different points of view, and 10 pertinent voices in the cultural landscape of India. 

To read the conversations, head to Voices

About the artwork and artist:

With every issue, we try to bring in more perspectives and expressive idioms to our curated themes. For this issue of ‘Voices’, we asked animator and illustrator Bharat Chauhan to interpret the idea in his own way.  

"'Voices' exhibits conversations and reflections on wide-ranging subject matters and is supposed to be an ongoing dialogue," Bharat says. "I wanted to explore different facets of it through typography. 
As someone who loves geometry and minimal design language, I felt it would be interesting to explore this theme through a simplified approach that represents variations, and at the same time is united in its overall language. The concept for the illustration was to divide the frame into six 'mini-canvases' that could work as individual frames in terms of design and aesthetics, as well as stand together with the rest of the group."

Bharat Chauhan is a Delhi-based animator & designer, who has been working in the creative field for 6 years. Along with working on commercial projects, he spends a lot of time working on self-initiated projects and illustrations. He is also a member of the design studio HSD&C. More of his work can be found on his Instagram handle and the studio website